Paul Brennan

Paul Brennan

Formerly a senior officer in the Royal Air Force, Paul Brennan is an accomplished written and verbal communication skills trainer and facilitator.

After a nine-year operational flying career, his time in the RAF was focused on training aircrew and ground crew in subjects related directly to their employment in either flying or technical support duties. He was also involved with the design, delivery and management of training in all its many aspects.

In 1995 he began a two-year appointment at the RAF’s Training Development and Support Unit where he specialized in training the RAF’s training managers. It was during this appointment that he began a Master’s degree with Brunel University to continue his own personal development.

Paul was promoted to the rank of squadron leader in April 1998 and charged with the responsibility of leading the project team tasked with the introduction of distance learning into the RAF’s core aircraft engineering training processes. The project was completed ahead of schedule, under budget and to a quality that gained RAF Cosford the British Association for Open Learning Quality Mark for distance learning materials. The project saved some 30,000 man training days per year at RAF Cosford and made significant financial savings in many areas of operation across the organisation. The project has become a model for the implementation of distance learning across the Ministry of Defense.

Since retiring from the RAF in 2001, Paul has worked with a number of public sector organisations, including government departments and a Police Command Team, plus a number of private sector organisations both large and small, within the UK and in the Gulf States.

He is an active member of the Chartered Management Institute and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, chairing the Shropshire and Mid-Wales Branch for four years. In May 2005, his professional standing was recognized when he was elected to the Executive Board of the Institute and in December 2015 he was awarded a Chartered Fellowship of the Institute.