Executive Coaching

“We made things easy for you”

Introduction to Coaching

Coaching is the most valuable management style a senior executive can possess. It is now commonly used by all of the most successful organisations to enhance the effectiveness of their key people, whilst also fostering a more trusting and open working environment.

A survey of 250 of the world’s most successful companies conducted by the Institute of Leadership and Management showed that the introduction of coaching into management practice resulted in:

  • Better management performance
  • Improved conflict resolution
  • Increased confidence and motivation

Together these three outcomes greatly increase overall organisational performance. This highly interactive course will provide you with the skills necessary to guide and encourage your people in working more effectively and exceeding corporate goals.

Benefits of attending:

  • Develop your personal leadership capabilities.
  • Develop an understanding of key coaching principles and how to use them effectively.
  • Learn how to establish rapport with employees and create deeper and more trusting business relationships.
  • Understand how to help teams or individuals discover and commit to solutions to their problems.
  • Learn how to apply classical coaching models to powerful effect within your own company.
  • Explore how to give effective feedback in a way that both encourages the recipient and leads to higher performance delivery.
  • Learn what it means to build a reflective environment within your company, enabling your team to fully realise their working potential.

Course Content


  • An Introduction to Coaching.
  • The Power of the Coaching conversation.
  • Group and Team Coaching.
  • Bringing your best self to work everyday.

Training Method

The program is designed to enhance learning through group and individual cases and exercises.

There are a number of opportunities to practice techniques and evaluate skill levels. In addition the course leaders specialist knowledge and guidance are available in all sessions.

The program will be supported with a complete set of workbooks, handouts and reference material.

Who should attend?

Executives and Senior managers who have responsibility for multi-disciplinary or single project teams and who are regularly monitoring and appraising the performance of key organisational personnel.


Course Leader: John Hill

John Hill is a seasoned and multi disciplined business professional, with a background in blue chip sales, marketing, business development, and international sales, which includes a number of start-ups.

He has demonstrated significant success in delivering growth, equipping, motivating and managing both internal and external sales functions. He understands that a key focus for business is revenue and profitability, especially in challenging market conditions.

A natural communicator, who can understand and articulate complex and technical concepts from the shop floor to the board room, John has been able to lead from the front and motivate employees, partners, distributors and stakeholders alike. He is widely travelled and has significant experience in achieving results internationally.

After many years spent at the cutting edge of business, and in recent years at CEO level, he has transitioned into a coaching and training role, with a view to helping equip and facilitate goal achievement for clients.

John is now a practitioner in coaching, training, stress management and psychological resilience, both for individuals and organisations. That extends to performance coaching, solution focused coaching and problem focused coaching, all using a cognitive psychological approach.

John is currently completing a Diploma in Coaching Psychology and is a member of the International Society of Coaching Psychology.