Leading & Managing Change

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Introduction to Leading and Managing Change

Leading and Managing Change is a structured approach to transitioning individuals, teams, and organizations from a current state to a desired future state.

Managers who have an understanding of the dynamics of change are better equipped to analyze the factors at play and adopt practical strategies to deal with resistance.

This two-day workshop is a broad spectrum induction into Leading and Managing Change which will help you deal with change and give you strategies to bring back to your employees.

What the course will cover:

  • The change process.
  • The human response to change.
  • The pace of change and the pace at which people adopt change.
  • The pyramid response to change.
  • Resisting and welcoming change.
  • The Four-Room Apartment of change and how to use it.
  • How to increase your resiliency to change.
  • Managing anger.
  • Dealing with stress.
  • An action plan for success.

Course Content


  • Setting the context for change – changing on the move!
  • The external and internal drivers for change including a PESTLE analysis
  • Models of change . How might these models help with the planning, managing and implementing of a change initiative?
  • Understanding how organisational culture can help/hinder the process of change
  • Analysing your companies culture using the Johnston and Scholes model
  • Checklist for launching organisational change
  • Positive and negative experiences of change
  • The personal impact of change
  • Fisher’s Transition Curve and understanding of the emotional impact of change
  • How to provide structure, information and support during a time of change
  • Leading change using the SERVE model by Ken Blanchard
  • Action Planning and review

Training Method

The program is designed to enhance learning through group and individual cases and exercises.

There are a number of opportunities to practice techniques and evaluate skill levels. In addition the course leaders specialist knowledge and guidance are available in all sessions.

The program will be supported with a complete set of workbooks, handouts and reference material.


The course will have a maximum of 18 people who will be selected based on the type of business they are in and their job role to ensure a thorough mix of industries, ideas and experience.

Who should attend?

Managers and supervisors who would say “the day-to-day work of my direct reports will be impacted by the projects and initiatives going on right now in my organization.”


Bill Roy

A renowned learning, development and coaching specialist with a focused interest in motivation & leadership development.

Bill is an Organisational Psychologist, Management & Leadership Training professional with over 25 years of training and development experience in the UK and abroad.
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John Hill

John is a seasoned and multi disciplined business professional, with a background in blue chip sales, marketing, business development, and international sales, which includes a number of start-ups.
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