Time & Stress Management

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Introduction to Time and Stress Management

Everybody has sixty seconds in a minute, sixty minutes in an hour and 24 hours in a day regardless of who you are or what you do. What makes the difference between success and failure is how you use those sixty minutes.

Delivered by ISM Training this intensive two-day event goes beyond Time and Stress Management techniques, prioritizing, planning, time analysis and goal setting to discover the next level of total performance management. It takes an in-depth look at working styles and the thought processes behind them.

On successful completion of the course participants will be able to:

  • Quickly and effectively plan and prioritise.
  • Link medium term goals to daily plans.
  • Control interruptions and overcome procrastination more effectively.
  • Understand different working styles.
  • Increase productivity through working smarter.
  • Solve problems and hit deadlines with less stress.
  • Manage and integrate paper and emails.
  • Improve meetings, delegation and work life balance.
  • Have a personal action plan.

Course Content

Working Styles

Different behavioural work drives will be discussed and identified. The pros and cons of each style will be analysed and solutions to potential problems created.


The different types of procrastination will be examined and solutions identified to combat them.

Time Challenges

The difference between urgent and important work will be established, as well as the criteria used to decide on how different tasks should be prioritised. Discussions will be held to solicit ideas on how each individual could make better use of their time and practical solutions to challenges will be agreed upon.

Managing Performance

The vital importance of performance planning and performance management will be discussed. Each individual’s key performance areas will be identified and they will then be given guidelines on how to set objectives for both themselves and their subordinates in each area of performance.

Setting Business Objectives

As individuals and as a team, objectives will then be set in each performance area. These will provide the basis for the organizations business goals over the next year, and all future interventions will be aimed at facilitating the achievement of these goals.


The importance of teamwork and the different team roles that people play will be examined. A self-analysis of each individual’s strengths and weaknesses as a team member will be established.

Managing Meetings

Although meetings can be extremely useful, they are often mismanaged and can be a very inefficient use of time. The participants will learn how they can improve the quality of the meetings that they both attend and conduct.

Personal Organisation

The participants will learn a number of time and effort saving techniques designed to help them be more organised and disciplined in the workplace.

Individual Action Plan

Each participant will prepare an individual plan of action detailing how he or she intends to implement the learning that they have gained into their day-to-day work.



Steve Halligan

Steve has been active in all aspects of sales, negotiation and account management for over 25 years and is the Managing Director of a highly respected UK employee motivation consultancy.

His highly energetic and clear communication style helps to make what can be very complex issues, simple and understandable with actionable ideas and recommendations.

He has worked with multi-national, local companies and several government bodies. With the research tools he has developed he has a wealth of data and case studies to support his consulting and training interventions.

Steve has developed and delivered a series of training programs across the Gulf region ranging from sales, key account management, negotiation, interpersonal and communication skills to personal skills such as time management and public speaking.

His highly energetic and dynamic style ensures that all course delegates leave with some new found knowledge or ability.