Telephone Etiquette and Customer Service Excellence

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Start: Mon 11 September 2023

End: Tue 12 September 2023


Time Oak Hotel
Abdulla Omran Tayram St
Al Thanyah 1
Tecom - Dubai
United Arab Emirates

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Telephone Etiquette and Customer Service Excellence Mon 11 September 2023 - Tue 12 September 2023

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Telephone Etiquette and Customer Service Excellence

Telephone Etiquette and Customer Service Excellence is a comprehensive training course designed to help individuals develop their customer service skills and techniques to provide a world-class customer experience over the phone. The course is ideal for salespeople, customer service representatives, and anyone who interacts with customers over the phone on a regular basis.

During the 2-day course, participants will learn how to maintain professional and consistent customer service, recognize and manage customers’ service expectations, use effective communication telephone techniques, build excellent rapport with customers, manage customer expectations, enhance salespeople telephone skills, make sure that policy does not become more important than the customer, anticipate needs, and provide information. The course combines interactive lectures, role-plays, and hands-on exercises to help participants develop and refine their customer service skills.

Key Learning Points:

  • Maintain professional and consistent customer service.
  • Recognise and manage customers’ service expectations.
  • Use effective communication telephone techniques.
  • Build excellent rapport with customers.
  • Manage customer expectations.
  • Enhance salespeople Telephone skills
  • Make sure that policy does not become more important than the customer.
  • Anticipate needs and provide information.

Course Content


Introduction to Telephone Etiquette and Customer Service Excellence

  • Overview of the course and its objectives
  • Importance of effective communication in customer service
  • Understanding the customer service environment and expectations

Professionalism on the Telephone

  • The role of tone of voice and language in communication
  • Maintaining professional demeanor and language on the phone
  • Dealing with difficult customers over the phone

Building Rapport with Customers

  • Understanding the customer’s perspective
  • Active listening and empathy
  • Building trust and rapport with customers

Managing Customer Expectations

  • Understanding customer needs and expectations
  • Setting realistic expectations for customers
  • Dealing with customer complaints and resolving issues over the phone

Enhancing Sales Skills over the Phone

  • The role of the telephone in sales
  • Building a rapport with potential customers
  • Closing the sale over the phone

Balancing Policy and Customer Service

  • The importance of balancing company policy and customer service
  • Understanding when policy should take a backseat to customer service
  • Maintaining customer satisfaction while adhering to company policy

Anticipating Customer Needs and Providing Information

  • The role of empathy and intuition in customer service
  • Providing relevant information to customers in a timely manner
  • Anticipating customer needs and proactively addressing them

Reflection and Action Planning

  • Reflecting on key learning points from the course
  • Developing an action plan for applying newly acquired skills in the workplace
  • Opportunities for continued learning and development in customer service and telephone etiquette.

Training Method

This course is a busy workshop designed to help you develop, improve and implement customer service tools, techniques and strategies.
The ISM Course Director will take each participant through the step-by-step CS techniques critical to the pre-approach, approach and after sales service.

This will be done through a highly charged, enjoyable two day course involving lectures, classroom exercises, role-plays, discussions and extensive accompanying course-notes (delegates are also expected to take their own personal extensive notes for future referral).


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Telephone Etiquette and Customer Service Excellence

Mon 11 September 2023 - Tue 12 September 2023

Location: Time Oak Hotel

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