Marita Harrold

Marita is an international training consultant with over 20 years’ experience, with an immense passion for developing people's potential.

A passion for travel, people and learning lead her to locate to Dubai in 1996. Recognizing the growth opportunities within the region, enjoying the diversity of living and working in the cultural melting pot that was Dubai she have held various management, business leadership and training positions in the Middle East since then. Throughout her contribution to the corporate worlds, Marita nurtured her enthusiasm for fitness, health, and wellbeing. Having experienced burnout, and unable to access her resources for herself or the team she is passionate about assisting organisations develop the ‘whole employee’, helping you and your team develop healthy, happy and fully engaged people and workplaces.

Marita’s strengths lie in her ability to communicate with people, building relationships that create positive learning experiences. She have a unique ability to influence action from learning, ensuring learning is transferred to the workplace and life.

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