Social Media Doesn’t Work!

We have clients who come to our courses every month saying that “Social Media doesn’t work for our company” but if we look a little closer it seems to be working very well for their competition, so they have to ask themselves – why is this?   The problem isn’t that Social Media doesn’t work, we […]

How to get better Social Media Results

Most businesses are now using Social Media in some shape or form. And it’s the shape and form that matters. To put it in context there are an estimated 50 Million businesses using Facebook. Why?. To generate business. It’s simple. Social Media is about conversation and engagement. Plus it’s about creating content which ignites the […]

Managing a Department Budget- why non-financial managers need to look at the figures

As non-finance managers, you need to focus on your team and deliverables, and let the experts worry about the numbers. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The Hidden Costs of Poor Customer Service

Research shows that bad customer service costs companies $338.5 billion a year, globally. How well are you performing in your customer service ?

Digital Marketing: Five Apps for the Creative Digital Marketer

As a creative marketer you already know the ins and outs of digital marketing. Digital Marketing Essentials Training Course starts Dubai, September 18th .

Negotiation Skills:- what might affect a successful outcome?

Negotiation skills bring the best outcome out of a business deal for both parties. The ability to influence another in a professional and ethical way which would open avenues for profitable mutual understanding, are the core elements of successful negotiations.

Persuasion – an essential tool in the 21st century workplace by John Hill

We have become the ranks of persuaders. And this is not just the professional sales people.
Doctors persuade patients to live healthier lives, personal trainers persuade people to pursue their own fitness, parents persuade children to work hard at their school work and be active, lawyers persuade juries to believe the case they are making, financial professionals persuade people to manage their finances responsibly and invest wisely and police officers persuade people to live safely and responsibly and to keep the laws of the land.

Is your Business struggling with Social Media? by Wayne Denner

One of the key issues and concerns for many businesses who want to improve social media is consistency. As someone who has worked in Digital Marketing and communications for over 18 years with businesses, brands and at consultancy level, I have seen it time and time again.

Emotional Intelligence (EI): A Job Requirement?

For decades the term IQ has been bandied about as a prerequisite for career and life success. You either have a high IQ which makes you an achiever, or you don’t and get by perfectly well in life as an average employee. However the newest buzz word, Emotional Intelligence (EI), is something we can all […]

Six Soft Skills Every Employer Wants

Employment experts agree that being a qualified techie will more than likely get you an interview and maybe even the job, but having these six soft skills will help you keep it.

The 93% rule and non-verbal communication

Non-verbal communication is a complex set of gestures, voice tone and speed, facial expressions, posture, proxemics and even physiological changes which contribute greatly to how words are interpreted.

Are You convinced about Positive Thinking?

Depending on whom you ask, optimism as a state of being is associated with longevity, better mental processing and physiological health, as well as increased success in the workplace.

The Importance of a Sound and Easily Understood Business Case

In every business the underlying decision is usually financially based. There is also ever increasing emphasis placed on stricter budgetary control leading to increased competition between functions for a share of limited resources.

To meme or not to meme

So let’s take a look at memes that have worked , some meme creation platforms and then decide where to best position your meme for maximum effect.

Common Sales Objections and How to Overcome Them

For years, BANT (Budget – Authority – Need – Time) has been a sales qualification framework for lead generation, which is now a mantra to any salesperson. However, clients are much more informed than ever before. However, the frustration comes about when you hear objections which are typical knee-jerk reactions from busy people who don’t yet see the value in working with you. Here are five of the most common sales objections many teams encounter and a few means to get around them.

Leadership and the new normal by John Hill

This calls for a new type of leadership – a leadership that is less about proven methods, implementation and compliance and more about vision, adaptability and courage.

The Importance of Corporate Training during a Recession

Corporate training in Dubai significantly contributes to an organization’s talent management efforts.
Companies can benefit from sustained investment in training and development in many ways .

Emotional Intelligence – does it make a difference? by John Hill

In a study conducted by PepsiCo, they found that leaders who scored high in emotionally intelligent behaviours outperformed their peers, delivering a 10% increase in productivity, an 87% decrease in executive turnover, $3.75m added economic value and over 1000% return on investment.

Digital Marketing and promoting your business – Top 5 Tips from Wayne Denner

We live in a world bombarded with advertising messages. Dubai and the UAE is no different to the rest of the world. Just pause for a moment and think of all the different marketing messages you have received today. How many of them were valuable, relevant and consistent? And more importantly did you purchase as a result?.

Up Periscope!

A new wave of social reporting has emerged in the UAE thanks to the Periscope application and nowhere was it in more evidence than New Year’s in Dubai.

Hashtag your way around Social Media

So what are the most popular hashtags in Dubai and where did the hashtag come from anyway? This social media staple of twitter and Instagram makes sure your business news gets found and if it is alluring enough,  will help it spread too…. to the people that count!. Hashtags were first introduced on twitter by […]

Have we run out of Creative Leaders?

Innovation is born from chaos not status quo, so next time you see a leader of industry resting on his laurels that is when the competition will gain advantage.

Know your A/B of Digital Marketing?

If you are involved in Digital Marketing then you already know all about A/B testing and its role in producing higher conversion rates for your digital strategies.

Digital Marketing Essentials- what’s your strategy?

Digital Marketing can be used ad hoc but it yields far better sustainable results when proper planning is put in place. 50 % of companies have no clearly defined digital marketing strategy and I am guessing this number is higher in Dubai.

Brand Marketing through Stories

Every brand has to have a good back story to attract and engage the consumer but how well are Dubai brands using this marketing tactic?

Sales with a serving of Storytelling

The art of storytelling is losing traction in the increasingly fast paced Dubai life but its sales people could still benefit from this ancient tradition.

Why your target market can’t hear you

But without good data you could be wasting your budget on a slick campaign focused on the Dubai market, when most of your customers are from Abu Dhabi.

8 Tried and Trusted Sales Tips

Even seasoned sales people dislike calling prospects. However, if you have a qualified lead that has expressed an interest, ringing them is a matter of courtesy if nothing else.

One simple way to increase your social media profile

From being completely unheard of 10 years ago, social media has become a major element to any marketing campaign. Yet many companies are still unsure about how to harness its power.

The Single most Important task in Project Management

A Project Management Plan is the most important document for any company. Whether it’s for a major or minor project, it will become the source from which everyone in the company will draw upon to keep the project on course.

The 4 essentials for mobile marketing in UAE

Despite mobile use in the Middle East expanding rapidly, mobile ad spending is still lagging behind the rest of the world. So for companies in Dubai a fast entry into mobile marketing is the key to surging ahead of competitors.

The truth about customer loyalty

whether you’re selling expensive jewellery in the Dubai Souk, or ice-cream on Jumeirah Beach, keep your customers at the forefront of your mind.

Leading difficult employees

What do you do with an employee who is difficult to work with, yet does their job brilliantly?

Are you lost with location marketing?

  How easy do you think it is for your customers to discover your business? If you’re an accountancy firm in Dubai, can people find you when they search online for an accountant in Dubai? If a person is walking down a street, will they easily see where your business is based? If they can’t, […]

9 marketing skills of successful entrepreneurs

Every entrepreneur knows that building a business from scratch is pretty similar in Dubai, Pretoria, or New York: it’s all about marketing.

The Mindful Salesperson

The constant hustle and bustle of a Dubai salesperson’s life can be draining and make constant stress feel normal. However, the rapidly growing Mindfulness Movement offers sales and business people a way to calm their worlds and help them make better decision in both work and home life.

Boosting sales with better brand identity

If you don’t know what your customers think, it’s time to take stock and make changes, because great brand identity will increase sales.

Sales planning for start-ups

Start-ups face a huge number of hurdles, but biggest is how to sell their products from the get go. Whether you’re at the pencil and paper stage or have already leased a unit in the Dubai Mall, it’s never too late (or early) to get your sales plan in place.

The quiet success of Coca Cola’s Happiness Phone Booth

Whether you are in agreement with Coco Cola’s marketing methods, it appears that the ‘Happiness Phone Booth’ was a success in the Middle East.

Simple tips to get more out of an Emotional Intelligence Course

Emotional intelligence (EI) is a proven technique to increase sales and reduce high staff turnover, it’s even been proved to reduce aggression in schools and stress in the workplace.

Essential character traits of an inspirational leader

a good leader has a real passion for what they do, without passion they cannot fulfill their role as captain, steering the company towards success month after month, year after year.

How to be more productive during slow sales patches

Even the most successful sales team suffers from slow days, but instead of worrying about losing sales, use these times wisely – catch up on areas of your business that usually get ignored, or take a chance to rest and get ready for the next busy cycle.

Is your company a social media marketing champion?

When nearly half of social media users purchase an item after sharing it on their social media accounts, it’s no wonder marketing departments are pumping so much money and effort into harnessing the purchasing power of a great social media campaign.

8 tricks good sales people never use

Whether you’re pitching to a small Dubai ad agency or an international conglomerate, these are the sales tricks to avoid if you want to land a new client.

Surround your customers with sensory marketing

We’re all used to the concept of visual branding; getting the logo, company colours and font to connect with the customer, creating a cohesive style for stores and offices. But for some time now, this is being enhanced, and in some ways superseded by sensory branding.

6 reasons customers fall out of love with brands

However, the fact is many businesses don’t realise their brand has lost it’s appeal until it’s too late. Here are some classic symptoms of brands losing their shine.

Why your marketing communications aren’t reaching the right audience

So how does a small business with a tight budget reach out to all the different customers, whether they are selling business to business or business to consumer?

What type of leader are you?

Each business has it’s own drivers when it comes to leadership. A franchise operation with an outlet in the Dubai Mall requires a different method of leadership to that of a start-up business on Boulevard Plaza.

How to avoid business strategy mistakes

Starting a new business, or trying to turn around an old one, takes courage – and a great business plan. Not all plans are created equal though.

4 hiring tips your business should be using

Whether you’re a start-up in a serviced office in Dubai Marina, or an established business in Al Barsha, hiring great employees demands a well thought out hiring process.

Five presentation mistakes to avoid

You only get one chance to shine when presenting, so practicing beforehand is essential.

If you’re unsure of how to present, or want to improve your presentation skills, book a place on our Presentation Skills workshop today.

PR on a budget

Not all businesses have the budget of Emirates airlines to spend on their public relations. But having a little or no PR budget shouldn’t stop you from doing it yourself. PR is a key part of building awareness of your business brand and to show people how it is relevant to their personal or business life.

Do you know what your brand stands for?

Whether you own a small boutique in the Dubai Mall, or are an accountancy practice serving the whole of EMEA, do you know what your brand stands for in the minds of your customers? Do they instantly think of your logo? Or something more intangible, like your great/poor customer service?

Are your sales techniques ethical?

The world of sales techniques is littered with unethical practices. Whether you’re selling ice cream on the streets of New York, or a new point of sale software package to businesses in the Dubai Mall, you will have targets to meet and commissions to strive for.

Why non-financial managers struggle with budget setting

How you handle the budget for your department can make a huge impact on the fortunes of the entire business. For more information on training your non-financial managers in Dubai, please visit the ISM website:

Social Media in the Middle East – Intrusive or expected?

For the last three years marketing departments all over the world have been shouting about harnessing the power of social media. But is it right that business invades social interactions online? Does the Facebook account of a young businessman in Dubai need the intrusion of a local bakery touting their latest offer?

Six ways to beat stress and become a more effective leader

Stress can impact your productivity profoundly. How you manage stress can have a huge impact on both you and your team’s overall performance in Dubai.

Is your business tough enough to hear the truth?

At its core, market research is all about finding out what people love and hate about your company. If you’re founding a new business, your market research is aimed at finding out whether people actually want what you are planning to sell.

Lift your flagging leadership style in five easy steps

To become a more successful leader, it’s now more important to understand the people you work with than to issue orders from the comfort of your spacious office looking out over the bustle of Dubai’s business districts.

Create a successful tender

Whether you run a construction company wanting to get into the next Dubai Frame, or hope to become a preferred supplier to Al Tawam Hospital, you’ll have to create a tender with the clout to beat your competitors.

Precision social media marketing

As with everything else in business, research is the key to getting the most out of your marketing budget. Find out where your customers hang out online. Are you a B2B, B2C, or both? Find out which blend of social media will work for you to reach your customers.

Four essential tips to present like a Pro

Being a great speaker doesn’t come naturally to most people. Even the experts speaking at conferences at the Madinat Arena, Dubai or the Trade Centre, only achieved their smooth patter by following the basic tenants of presenting.

Five ways your sales technique is killing a sale

Your Dubai sales team is often the face of your company. They are the first point of contact with customers and are essential for keeping the production line moving.

Time for a career health check?

Today’s rapidly changing knowledge economy has caused a seismic shift in career development. No longer can we passively follow pre-destined career paths. We have to become active participants – developing personal, as well as commercial skills outside our original educational sphere.

21 Inspirational sales quotes to motivate your team

Each quote can address different needs for inspiring your Dubai sales team, so take the time to consider which one applies to the changes happening in your sales area each week.

Why your website isn’t bringing in the business

Whether you’re a swanky Deira restaurant or are just setting up shop in the Dubai Mall, avoid the following to boost your online presence.

Seven trusted ways to boost employee morale

It’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day aspects of business and ignore whether people are actually enjoying their work. But when you remember that a happy employee will give their all for your company, it makes sense to take time out to build positive employee morale.

Time management essentials

Time management isn’t that difficult, you just need to look at it from a different angle.

3 essential marketing tips for entrepreneurs

Marketing is an essential activity for any business, but it’s often difficult for new companies to know where to start. Here are three tops marketing tips that wont break the bank, but will get your marketing strategy off the ground.

6 top tips for sales negotiation

Negotiating in a sales environment shouldn’t be daunting. Your job is to find a happy middle ground where both you and the customer walk away happy with the deal you’ve struck.

Develop a killer integrated marketing strategy

Nowadays, to be successful, your marketing strategy has to intelligently combine old and new mediums. Offline and online have to do more than simply passively co-exist, they have to support, nurture, and feed each other proactively.

21 Inspirational marketing quotes

A marketing sound bite can shake us out of old ways of thinking and look at problems in a different light. The following inspirational marketing quotes are great motivators. They’re excellent for personal reflection, or to kick off a brain storming session with your marketing team.

Are you creating a business plan for your key accounts?

As with any successful enterprise, creating a key account business plan takes time. But with proper planning it has a big potential to boost your sales.

Creating a buzz with Guerrilla Marketing

For small businesses, especially those who know the audience they want to target, guerrilla marketing can be also be effective, you just have to be more imaginative.

5 top networking tips

Business to business networking can really benefit your business in Dubai, but only if you approach it from the right angle. For many people, business networking conjures images of rooms full of pushy salesmen and women committing the sin of hard selling.

Selling like a professional

It’s true that some salespeople have a natural talent for their profession, but it only applies to a small percentage. Even the most successful people will still have worked really hard to earn their reputation. So what does it take to become a successful salesman?

What’s in a brand?

Whether you have a small online shop or are a multinational corporation, your brand identity is one of the most important sales tools you have. So how do you make your brand work harder for your business?

Five smart ways to manage people

Good employee management is one of the cornerstones of a successful business. Which means, as a manager, you need to know how to bring out the best in the people around you. Here are five ways to get the most from your Dubai team.

The quick guide to effective sales planning

A seasoned sales person will tell you that the key to a successful year is a well thought out sales plan. Without one, your Dubai sales team is going to drift through the year unsure of how to propel potential growth for your company.

9 secrets to product placement in supermarkets

You can learn a lot about product placement in shops by looking around your local supermarket. Competition for customers is so fierce that supermarkets no longer rely on simple price comparisons to get people into their shops.

Effective marketing on a shoestring

When budgets are tight it’s hard to see how to spend those valuable marketing dirhams wisely. But effective marketing is possible; you just have to be smart in your planning.

How do you retain great customers?

ISM have delivered corporate training in Sales, Marketing and Leadership in Dubai and the Gulf region for 15 years. We are proud that customers keep coming back to us but never take them for granted . Returning clients are highly valued and we reward them accordingly.

4 sizzling tips to ramp up your email marketing

So you’ve decided it’s time to start your email marketing campaign to your Dubai or Gulf database… but before you begin there are some simple ways of making it truly effective.

7 easy ways to turn qualified leads into sales

How to turn a qualified lead into a sale is one of the hardest hurdles in a salesperson’s job. Yet if you follow the simple rules below, your chances of success will increase significantly.

“Random Lessons from Life”. Or, “Lessons from a Random Life” by David Kneeshaw

The creation of a strategy should be ruthlessly objective based on information and an understanding of the market. If done this way the answers become more obvious and usually simple (even if not always popular).

Using LinkedIn to increase your sales

Where once it might have been seen as a time-suck, LinkedIn is now a bone fide platform to network and find new business in the Middle East and elsewhere.

What’s Hot and What’s Not for 2013?

Knowing what is going to be big in the coming year will make all the difference to your marketing strategy: where your customers hangout, what kind of devices they use and where their points of reference are crucial.

2013 marketing trends for Dubai

What do you think will be the top trends in marketing for 2013 in Dubai?

Six easy steps to becoming a successful salesperson

Being a successful sales person in Dubai is no different from a sales role in London, New York or Mumbai. You have to have work on your current customer list and take the time to find new customers periodically.

Integrating social media into Content Marketing

Just about every website has a couple of social media buttons, but just how effective have your social media efforts been? Are you really making the most of the opportunity to market your Dubai-based company on the internet?

Create a winning business strategy

Flexibility is a vital component of any strategic business plan. You need to be able to act quickly to new ideas, without losing sight of what is already working, and where you ultimately want your Dubai business to be.

Building a successful company in Dubai or anywhere !

Whether you are simply beginning to put together your business plan, or have already started out, building a successful company requires a lot more than a great idea or product. This week ISM Dubai spoke to Matthew Barnett, co-founder of Vimily and asked him for a success tip.

Become an inspiring Manager

The success or failure of a department in a company most often lies in the hands of the manager. And wherever in the world you are, the processes to becoming an inspiring manager in Dubai, Accra or Delhi don’t vary a great deal.

7 simple tips to improve your presentation skills

Whether presenting to a small group of people in a boardroom, or hundreds at one of Dubai’s premier hotels, brushing up on your presentation skills is a must.

Do you have a brand advocate?

Look after your brand advocates UAE, they are magical creatures…

Delegating effectively

Managers who don’t delegate put their personal success in jeopardy as much as they do their company’s success. Delegation is an essential productivity skill that should be embraced by leaders at every level of your company in Dubai.

Are your marketing buzzwords hot or not?

When you use crowdfund, freemium, big data, gamification, transmedia, ecosystem, mission critical, blue-sky thinking, and win/ win, are you signalling you are ahead of the pack, or is your terminology due for an overhaul?

5 important steps to shake up sales

Your sales team would probably prefer to be out and about selling your products and services to companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, than sitting around a table talking tactics and forecasting.

How to Motivate an Underachieving Sales Team in 3 Easy Steps

Selling in understandably at the core of every business, which means your Dubai sales team is very much the heart of your company. If they are underachieving on a regular basis there must be a reason for it, and more often than not it stems from a lack of motivation.

7 Traits of a Successful Leader

Often we can easily say who the best leader in our organisation is. But it’s harder to figure out what makes, for example, the head of your marketing team in Dubai a great leader.

Are you selling the product or the benefits?

So what are you selling to your customers in Dubai? Are you selling all the details of what your product can do? How long it took you to bring it to market? All the research and develop that went into it?

Well if that is all you’re selling then you are missing a fairly important trick.

Bring your B2B marketing out of the comfort zone

It’s an easy trap to fall into, staying within your comfort zone. Easy it may be, but to market to your Dubai customers effectively, sticking to old formulas could be stopping you bringing in new business, or making more out of the relationships you already have.

How to sharpen your social media marketing.

Before you embark on a social media campaign, your Dubai marketing team needs to plan, plan, plan. A scattered approach will yield scattered results at best.

3 Simple Rules for Viral Marketing Success

Viral marketing is a difficult concept for your Dubai marketing team to turn into reality. What will tickle the imagination of the general public?

Four Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

Some tips for Dubai companies to help avoid social media mistakes from ISM training.

Is Your Pitch Killing the Deal?

Your pitch is going to win or lose you a sale. So you have to make sure that when you walk into a meeting in downtown Dubai your sales pitch is perfect. But there are ways of pitching well and ways of doing it that will turn off your prospect.

Everyone’s a Winner, Right?

Is it really possible to come to an agreement where everyone wins during a negotiation? Or does it come at too high a price for one side?

Sales Tips you need to overcome objections

It’s human nature to question the relative merits of a new product. This is as true of the downtown Dubai market trader as it is of Jumeirah resident. How you counter their objections will often mean the difference between selling your product or walking home empty handed.

The Art of Managing Key Accounts

Knowing who is your most profitable client, and understanding how to manage your relationship with them, is the main responsibility of a key account manager in Dubai, Riyadh or London.

Finance for non Financial Managers

If you are struggling to keep a tight rein on your business or department budget, it’s time to think about a financial course in Dubai aimed specifically at non-financial managers.

Are you adding enough value?

It may well be difficult to quantify what adds value to a product or service, but your Dubai marketing agency needs strong parameters to describe what is good value, honest value, any kind of value, and how they can be applied in your work. Sometimes it is easy to spot added value. Look around the […]

How to lift your Dubai company blog out of the doldrums

Every company in the world has been told they need to write a blog. But, do you really know why your Dubai marketing agency needs a regular blog? Or have you found yourself lost for what to write about?

Boost your LinkedIn profile

Getting a Dubai company LinkedIn profile up and running, or your personal profile working harder for you, is a quick process that can boost your own credibility as well as that of your business.

Do you deserve a promotion?

Do you deserve a promotion? Do you find yourself thinking about all the effort you’ve put in over the last year in your Dubai marketing or sales department?

How to resolve conflicts in the workplace

Conflict arises from many different sources: a misleading claim for a successful advertising concept at your Dubai marketing meeting, a team fragmenting during a stressful point in a project, or a simple gripe over missing food in the office fridge.

Is NLP just a load of hokum?

And how does NLP help your sales team in Dubai? Well, the modelling aspect is very important for sharing successful sales techniques that drive up the overall effectiveness of your team.

How to mass follow on Twitter without hurting your brand

Twitter is one of the top five social media vehicles, and your Dubai marketing team has probably already created an account for your company, but are they being held back by worries about mass following tools?

8 top tips for Relationship Marketing

Your sales and marketing team in Dubai need to get round the table once a week and take a good look at what is being done to enhance the customer’s experience of your service.

Office politics: managing the fall out.

Nothing ruins you mood, and sometimes your commitment to you job, faster than office politics.

5 Ways to be Successful in Sales

We all know there are born sales people. You will have seen them in your offices: the ones who can sell the benefits of their product and get huge commitments from you in Dubai without breaking a sweat.

Five Prime Leadership Skills

if you feel that leadership is the role you want, here are five traits to work on. They work for business leaders all over the world, whether they are selling a cup cake franchise in Boston, or rivets in Dubai, leadership characteristics are universal.

Will Mobile Visual Search kill the QR Code?

There have been low level, techie-driven grumblings about QR Codes for several months now. Predominantly based around the fact they will soon be replaced by another type of scanning technology: Mobile Visual Search. So is it time for your Dubai advertising team to ditch your QR Code campaign?

Five Sales Mistakes from The Apprentice

There is a lot to be learned from watching The Apprentice, particularly for improving your sales skills and tactics in Dubai.

Why sales professionals use NLP to close a deal

There is a great debate surrounding over the validity of NLP, or Neuro-Linguistic Programming, but the major question for your sales team in Dubai is: can NLP benefit us in a sales situation?

Pinterest, Is It Really The Next Big Thing?

Pinterest has been around for less than two years, yet it has become the fastest website in history to break 10million unique visitors. And because the majority of users are women, for sales and marketing teams in Dubai it provides an ideal opportunity to reach out to their target audience in a fresh way.

Four crucial steps to radically improve your sales pitch

Despite local differences in etiquette, it doesn’t matter if you want to improve your sales skills in Dubai, London, or Singapore there are four main elements that will improve your sales technique.

Google+, Just Like Facebook, isn’t it ?

As a Dubai marketing team do you want your customers and clients to Like you, or to +1 you?

Have you got an App-etite?

Apps are not just profile raisers, they can increase sales when you consider them part of your marketing mix in Dubai.

How to reach participants for your market research

Successful market research does give an organisation a highly competitive edge. It can change the advertising approach; it also can lead to the development of products and services more finely tuned to what customers actually want.

Five key skills to look for in a Digital Copywriter by Natalie Lancaster

Whether you are a Dubai based company selling a local service or products worldwide, you will be using a website either to sell directly or use an online brochure. Which means you’ll need a digital copywriter alongside your web design team.

The Buyer’s Perspective Part 3 by Bill Levell

The buyer’s perspective is an important area for sales people wishing to enhance their sales process and sales skills to understand. Over the last 3 weeks we have been exploring some perspectives that the buyer may be considering when looking to enter into a business relationship. Here are the final key areas. If you missed […]

Twitter 101 – Reputation management and timing your tweets

Twitter for business is a different game to personal tweeting. If you run a Dubai based business that is primarily a local service, getting re-tweeted by a guy in the USA to 30,000 followers will only be beneficial if some of his followers are based in Dubai.

The Buyer’s Perspective:Part 2 by Bill Levell

In part 2 of the Buyer’s Perspective , Bill looks at some more key areas that a buyer may raise questions about- from whether your company aims are aligned to theirs and whether you are able to establish the quality of your product. As a salesperson it is critical to understand their perspective before offering solutions.

Top five skills to look for in a Digital Copywriter.

Today, however, there is a distinct line to be drawn between a traditional print copywriter and a digital copywriter.

The Buyer’s Perspective 21 Key Areas- Part 1 by Bill Levell

Has the supplier fulfilled requirements of a similar type, scale and/or complexity before? If they have, was their performance satisfactory?

Augmented reality..’bling’ it on!

Typically of a city renown for the quick uptake of new technology, augmented reality has firmly made its mark in Dubai with the launch this month of the beautiful Porsche designed Blackberry P’9981.

QR Codes finally come of age.

In 2011 strange lines in the Chinese desert were compared to QR Codes across the media. Which is pretty good going for an odd looking marketing tool that has only been in use for a couple of years.

Presentation skills:- what you don’t say!

Presentation skills are always difficult to master, they take practice. One tip is to always remember that the audience is your central focus; they are giving up valuable time so you can communicate important information. You may have a well-conceived idea of what you are verbally saying, but do you know what you are saying […]

Leadership for Creative Thinking

Creativity can be instantly stifled in bureaucratic workplaces where top down leaders quash ideas too quickly as unworkable. They should, if they expect innovation and market leadership try to find the good in each idea, let them incubate, build on them, work with them and then implement them.

Putting the human back into HR

Many of the traditional roles of Human Resources are becoming automated or ‘self-serviced ‘and as this happens many HR managers in Dubai are seeing a shift in their roles from administrative to a more strategic one.

Leadership Styles: a breakdown of University of Exeter’s report into Leadership Theory and Framework

Blanchard suggested that leadership styles are dependent on the developmental level of the subordinate and can be directive, coaching, supporting or delegating.

Strategic Planning-Buy In by Philip Parker

History may well show that the dotcom boom at the turn of the millennium marked a sea change in the progress of our global free enterprise economies. In the post industrial 20th century we witnessed a steady albeit linear progression in economic development. This 21st century has already demonstrated that the life cycle of products […]

Business Coaching vs Personal Coaching-by Philip Parker

We live in a world where self improvement has become an imperative. The free enterprise capitalist system was declared the winner well before the end of the 20th century. Experiments in dirigiste state planned/communist societies had finally fallen by the wayside and market economies driven by intelligent self interest stride the globe. Self interest…………self improvement. […]

Market Research and Marketing Research– which? By Bill Levell

Market Research and Marketing Research are not the same. Market Research is about finding out specific details about the nature of markets, competitors and potential customers. It involves researching a specific industry or market e.g. researching the mobile phone industry to  discover the number of competitors and their market share. Market research will provide more […]

Location,location and shifting Dubai Retail Estate

Last month saw the close of one of Dubai’s first celebrity chef restaurants “Verre” by Gordon Ramsay; it will be reopened in the same location by two of his hardworking and talented protégées as “Table 9”. My question is whether this makes sound business sense given the shifting sands of Dubai’s retail hubs and whether […]

Corporate Social Responsibility: Alive and Kicking in the UAE?

Corporate Social responsibility or CSR has become integrated into many business models in the region. ISO26000 is the recognised international standard and the goal of CSR is for companies to accept responsibility for their public impact through supporting activities that promote community development, ethical practices, and offset environmental effects. The growth of CSR has increased […]

Marketing planning, a nerve centre for company survival

Businesses that market themselves successfully will in all likelihood have a marketing plan that is adaptable to a changing business landscape.   A marketing plan will help you determine the marketing resources you will need to apply to meet your marketing and corporate objectives whether you have a small business or large company. The key purpose […]

Leadership Skills and promotion, are you being passed up?

In the October Issue of the Harvard Business Review magazine Zenger, Folkman and Edinger (2011) describe a path for executives to take to enhance their leadership strengths using a cross-training approach. Leadership key competencies were paired with competency companions and when these companions were addressed the strength became more distinct to the employer pushing executives […]

Negotiating through a downturn- by Guest Blogger Bill Levell

There is an increasing amount of discussion about recession returning. All the media are gloomy about the continuing impact of recession on businesses. This has an effect on businesses and their people, not only in terms of generating negative thoughts but believing them.  These negative thoughts affect the way in which businesses see their prospects […]

Video Marketing , it is only getting bigger!

How should you approach You Tube as a company wishing to promote itself and what are the benefits of using it?

Augmented Reality- ‘At the top’ in marketing mix?

If marketing firms in the region are not developing their digital marketing /AR expertise and looking towards the future then this may be a lost opportunity to become market leaders in technophilic Dubai.

Finance as usual

As a non-finance manager or executive are you completely lost when it comes to understanding financial jargon? Well if you replied “Yes” then you belong to the majority according to the Harvard Business Review. It   revealed that only 38% of executives could pass a basic financial literacy test and many of them couldn’t define ‘free […]

Time out to train!

The staff that know the value of investing time in training will be amongst the most innovative, motivational , able employees with strong performance records and increased company loyalty.

Key Account Management

Did you focus on the customer – their potential, their position in their marketplace, their strategy or just on the current profit yield from the customer?

Effective Management Skills

Managing is not an easy job but giving up and taking the hardened attitude of “my way or the highway” will not ultimately create a sustainable, creative, effective, cohesive and empowered team.

Relationship Marketing-recognising your customers

Are you reaching out to your potential market en masse or do you use the more subtle, effective method of relationship marketing? Your transactional customers may not sustain your business long term and according to Pareto’s Law approximately 20% of your customers are going to be responsible for 80% of your business. So do you […]

Augmented Reality in Dubai?

The way we visualize our physical environment could be about to change thanks to progress made in applying augmented reality to our spaces. Augmented Reality allows information about your real environment to connect to a display interface (mobiles and eventually glasses) allowing added information (the augmented bit), multimedia, interaction and on-demand information to enhance your […]

Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is a dynamic, complex skill and one that is difficult to master. Read about the negotiation process and skills involved.

Marketing to Generation X

Generation X is a term used to stereotype adults in their 30’s and 40’s born in the late 60’s to early 80’s. Other terms used frequently are the lost generation; the 13th generation; the in-betweeners or just plain ‘slackers’. Whilst marketeers desperately tried to define this generation in order to be able to sell to […]

Space Invaders

Many of us work in a challenging environment and it seems that challenge begins when we walk into the office space. If we have reached the upper echelons it may be that we have our own clearly defined workspace but the vast majority are fixed in a cubicular world which mimics early psychological experiments. It’s […]

Persuade like Obi Wan?

Tips to deliver an effective presentation.

QR you kidding?

QR codes- just use your imagination

Consultative selling

In today’s market sales professionals can no longer rely on sharp presentation skills and closing techniques. The customer is much more knowledgeable about products and has access to many other buying options thanks to the internet. Consultative selling skills focus on understanding the client’s needs and offering expert value solutions after listening and building a […]

Employee Retention

Many Dubai companies experience high employee turnover rates and cannot afford to ignore some of the basics of employee retention if they are to retain a competitive advantage. Recruitment and training of replacements is expensive and productivity from them takes time. There is also a cost issue involved with severance packages if the employee has […]

Is the most important part of your marketing team the Customer?

Intriguing question posed by Nick Bennett in Social Media today. Dubai, never shy about new ideas is not lagging behind in its use of social media. Recent insights from Dubai School of Government reported that half of the UAE Emirati population uses Facebook and the UAE (accounting for its small size) is amongst the top […]

Welcome to the new ISM Blog

It’s been some months now since the launch of our new website and generally feedback has been good. Most of you have found it easier to access our training course brochures which was always an issue in the past , and there is easier access to our latest course schedule on the front page. It […]

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