Social Media Doesn’t Work!

24th June 2018

We have clients who come to our courses every month saying that “Social Media doesn’t work for our company” but if we look a little closer it seems to be working…

How to get better Social Media Results

4th October 2016

Most businesses are now using Social Media in some shape or form. And it’s the shape and form that matters. To put it in context there are an estimated 50…

Managing a Department Budget- why non-financial managers need to look at the figures

4th September 2016

As non-finance managers, you need to focus on your team and deliverables, and let the experts worry about the numbers. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The Hidden Costs of Poor Customer Service

25th August 2016

Research shows that bad customer service costs companies $338.5 billion a year, globally. How well are you performing in your customer service ?

Digital Marketing: Five Apps for the Creative Digital Marketer

15th August 2016

As a creative marketer you already know the ins and outs of digital marketing. Digital Marketing Essentials Training Course starts Dubai, September 18th .

Negotiation Skills:- what might affect a successful outcome?

24th July 2016

Negotiation skills bring the best outcome out of a business deal for both parties. The ability to influence another in a professional and ethical way which would open avenues for…

Persuasion – an essential tool in the 21st century workplace by John Hill

11th July 2016

We have become the ranks of persuaders. And this is not just the professional sales people. Doctors persuade patients to live healthier lives, personal trainers persuade people to pursue their…

Is your Business struggling with Social Media? by Wayne Denner

One of the key issues and concerns for many businesses who want to improve social media is consistency. As someone who has worked in Digital Marketing and communications for over…

Emotional Intelligence (EI): A Job Requirement?

20th June 2016

For decades the term IQ has been bandied about as a prerequisite for career and life success. You either have a high IQ which makes you an achiever, or you…

Six Soft Skills Every Employer Wants

12th June 2016

Employment experts agree that being a qualified techie will more than likely get you an interview and maybe even the job, but having these six soft skills will help you…

The 93% rule and non-verbal communication

30th May 2016

Non-verbal communication is a complex set of gestures, voice tone and speed, facial expressions, posture, proxemics and even physiological changes which contribute greatly to how words are interpreted.

Are You convinced about Positive Thinking?

16th May 2016

Depending on whom you ask, optimism as a state of being is associated with longevity, better mental processing and physiological health, as well as increased success in the workplace.

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