Boosting sales with better brand identity

5th June 2014

If you don’t know what your customers think, it’s time to take stock and make changes, because great brand identity will increase sales.

Sales planning for start-ups

22nd May 2014

Start-ups face a huge number of hurdles, but biggest is how to sell their products from the get go. Whether you’re at the pencil and paper stage or have already…

The quiet success of Coca Cola’s Happiness Phone Booth

14th May 2014

Whether you are in agreement with Coco Cola’s marketing methods, it appears that the ‘Happiness Phone Booth’ was a success in the Middle East.

Simple tips to get more out of an Emotional Intelligence Course

5th May 2014

Emotional intelligence (EI) is a proven technique to increase sales and reduce high staff turnover, it’s even been proved to reduce aggression in schools and stress in the workplace.

Essential character traits of an inspirational leader

13th April 2014

a good leader has a real passion for what they do, without passion they cannot fulfill their role as captain, steering the company towards success month after month, year after…

How to be more productive during slow sales patches

3rd April 2014

Even the most successful sales team suffers from slow days, but instead of worrying about losing sales, use these times wisely – catch up on areas of your business that…

Is your company a social media marketing champion?

19th March 2014

When nearly half of social media users purchase an item after sharing it on their social media accounts, it’s no wonder marketing departments are pumping so much money and effort…

8 tricks good sales people never use

11th March 2014

Whether you’re pitching to a small Dubai ad agency or an international conglomerate, these are the sales tricks to avoid if you want to land a new client.

Surround your customers with sensory marketing

4th March 2014

We’re all used to the concept of visual branding; getting the logo, company colours and font to connect with the customer, creating a cohesive style for stores and offices. But…

6 reasons customers fall out of love with brands

23rd February 2014

However, the fact is many businesses don’t realise their brand has lost it’s appeal until it’s too late. Here are some classic symptoms of brands losing their shine.

Why your marketing communications aren’t reaching the right audience

21st January 2014

So how does a small business with a tight budget reach out to all the different customers, whether they are selling business to business or business to consumer?

What type of leader are you?

14th January 2014

Each business has it’s own drivers when it comes to leadership. A franchise operation with an outlet in the Dubai Mall requires a different method of leadership to that of…

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