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As instructor of the Digital Marketing Essentials and Online Content Creation courses I've taken with ISM, Wayne has deftly and masterfully utilized his knowledge of the subject matter, his amicable character, and his dedication toward delivering the courses in a manner that was informative, instructive and engaging. At all points, he was welcoming of inquiries, patient and generous with his insights, thus ensuring the courses have duly and efficiently served their purpose.

K Hughes


I’ve attended two courses through ISM Training in Dubai and have I come away from both with an incredible amount of new knowledge and skills. The trainers energetic and personable approach to the training, coupled with his phenomenal practical knowledge of digital marketing and social media made the training courses both extremely informative and exhausting! Without hesitation, I would recommend anyone to attend one of ISM training courses and am hoping they will develop further training courses to help develop my skills in this area further!

M Hassan


This course presented me with the opportunity to broaden my knowledge in online marketing and by the end of the program I was able to apply that knowledge in my workplace to increase the digital presence of my organization.

I attended the market research course conducted by ISM Training Dubai. It was excellent. Two days of case studies and real life examples. The best part was after every session representatives of ISM Dubai were available to request for real time feedback. The course structure was adjusted based on the feedback and what we hoped to learn. I will strongly recommend ISM Training UAE.

Had a great training session with ISM. It was engaging, fun and informative. There were so many things that I didn't know about social media and so much that I can apply. Would definitely recommend this course for anyone. No matter how much you think you know about social media - there is always something new to learn!

M Al Ansi


The professional sales training program was excellent. Highly interactive, massively motivational and thoroughly enjoyable

I took some of the ISM Training's courses in digital marketing. The teachers are knowledgeable and the content is thorough. These courses improved my understanding of how the different social medias work and how to take the most out of them to increase my business returns. A great experience I would definitely recommend.

I had a wonderful Experience with ISM during my first training session in ESSENTIALS OF DIGITAL MARKETING with Trainer Waynne Denner as one of the best Trainer on ISM Panel. I travelled all the way from Pakistan for attending the Training and it was Great Experience. I recommend all the Professionals to attend ISM Training sessions.

Great leaders are individuals who are passionate about and confident in the work they do, and they inspire others to do so, I used ISM training and I would absolutely recommend ISM. Their Leadership Training vision extends from corporate training and team building, to improving the leadership qualities within each individual. ISM is a professional company with a great passion for teaching others.

Attended the advanced selling skills course. Excellent course led by a very knowledgeable trainer. As a result I reassessed my selling process and have had excellent results. It doesn't matter how long you have been selling there is always something you can learn.

I attended the Art of Negotiation and Sales for Non Sales and thoroughly enjoyed both courses. As well as being able to implement skills I have learnt from the courses, it was also an opportunity to step away from the office and focus on improving. My highlight was the positive thinking and Mind Chi aspect of the Sales for Non-Sales People. I would highly recommend ISM.

ISM provided multiple training sessions for our company. We had stress and time management, presentation skills and communication skills. Our staff were very engaged throughout the training and responded very well to the information provided throughout. The trainer was great, very welcoming, engaging and informative. The follow up after has been excellent and we will definitely be using this company again for future training.

Gabrielle Hyde


I attended an ISM course earlier this week, delivered by Wayne Denner. It was a great course – well delivered, informative and the venue was also nice. Highly recommend!

Ahmed Afifi


I attended a two day course training regarding digital marketing. It was great. I really enjoyed the course because I learned so many new things in a very short space of time. The course's material and the trainer were perfect. I highly recommend ISM for Marketing Related Training.

Leo Haughney BFS QFA


Overall the Art of Negotiation was a very thought-provoking and informative training. The program had great interaction throughout keeping each day very interesting. I highly recommend ISM to my friends and colleagues! I look forward to my next training day.

Sujit Nair


I recently attended a course with ISM training here in Dubai. The course was focused on digital marketing and content creation. What I found very different about ISM training was instead of just telling me what to do, they showed us how to do it as well as why to do it. They used real-life experiences, case studies combined with practical learning. We were tasked to create content as a team under the guidance of Wayne Denner who is one of the best industry trainers I've come across. All I can say is their training programs are very effective and has helped me develop a much better understanding of what I need to do with my company to help it grow in the digital space. I highly recommend ISM and look forward to joining them again soon for more courses.

Daniel Graham


My course with ISM was extremely helpful and intuitive! Some other providers courses can be quite a chore however I felt fully engaged and excited by all the new selling tools I have been educated on by ISM!! So take a bow ISM you will be seeing me again in the near future!

Merlin Babic


Graham did a great job on the art of negotiation training! The trainer is Very approachable and open to questions throughout the course. He was very good at delivering the content to our team. I will recommend ISM in the future

Paul Baker CFP


I attended the Art of Negotiation course last week and am happy to recommend both ISM and the trainer, Graham Chambers. The training was delivered in an easy to absorb manner and focused on all the key areas. Graham has a great ability to easily transfer knowledge through exercises rather than textbook learning. I would strongly recommend ISM to anyone looking for a professional training course.

Stuart Wilson


The Advanced Negotiations training session was exceptionally well arranged, particularly under the current Coronavirus conditions, and had excellent overall course content. Mark clearly demonstrated his first-rate knowledge and experience of the subject as well as instructing with passion and enthusiasm. We were very fortunate that the course was sufficiently flexible to address, and further meet, our specific and challenging objectives with significant time allotted to discuss, brainstorm and share ideas. I would thoroughly recommend the course to any individual or company that is seeking to improve their negotiation skills at an advanced leve

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