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Emotional Intelligence (EI)

13 June 2024

Dusit D2 Kenz Hotel

2 days

This 2-day course is designed for individuals who want to enhance their emotional intelligence. Participants will learn about the key components of emotional intelligence, how to recognize and manage their own emotions, and how to understand and respond to the emotions of others. The course will also cover how to develop empathy, build better relationships, and communicate more effectively. By the end of the course, participants will have a better understanding of emotional intelligence and how to apply it in their personal and professional lives.

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The Emotional Intelligence course is a comprehensive 2-day program focused on developing participants’ understanding and application of Emotional Intelligence (EI) principles. This course delves into the brain science behind EI and equips participants with skills to manage emotions effectively in challenging situations. Designed to enhance personal effectiveness and leadership capabilities, the program emphasizes the importance of emotional intelligence in achieving positive outcomes in various settings and inspiring high performance in others through empathetic interactions. Ideal for individuals seeking to enhance their EI for professional and personal growth, this course offers a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises.

Key Points:
  • Understand the foundational principles of Emotional Intelligence and its impact on personal and professional interactions.
  • Develop skills to manage emotional responses effectively in challenging situations.
  • Learn techniques to enhance empathy and foster positive, supportive interactions.
  • Gain insights into using Emotional Intelligence to inspire and lead others.

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We offer a comprehensive curriculum that covers all of the essential topics. Our experienced instructors will provide you with the support and guidance that you need to succeed.

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Course Content

Understanding Emotional Intelligence
  • Exploring the concept and importance of Emotional Intelligence
  • The brain science behind emotional responses and EI
  • The role of EI in personal and professional life
Managing Emotions Effectively
  • Techniques for recognizing and regulating emotional responses
  • Strategies for maintaining emotional balance in stressful situations
  • Building resilience through emotional intelligence
Enhancing Empathy and Interpersonal Skills
  • Developing empathetic listening and communication skills
  • Understanding and responding to the emotions of others
  • Fostering positive and supportive relationships


Emotional Intelligence in Leadership
  • Applying EI principles to inspire and motivate teams
  • The role of EI in effective leadership and conflict resolution
  • Building a culture of emotional intelligence in the workplace


Self-Awareness and Emotional Regulation
  • Tools for enhancing self-awareness and self-reflection
  • Techniques for managing and expressing emotions constructively
  • Improving decision-making and interpersonal interactions through EI
Practical Applications and Role-Play
  • Interactive exercises to apply EI concepts
  • Role-playing scenarios to practice emotional intelligence skills
  • Group discussions and feedback for continuous EI development
Course Instructor

Emma Jordaan

Emma Jordaan

Emma is a seasoned learning and development professional with over 15 years of experience in crafting impactful learning programs that drive organizational performance

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13 June 2024

Dusit D2 Kenz Hotel

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