Integrated Marketing Strategies

19 August 2024

Dusit D2 Kenz Hotel

3 days

Over a comprehensive three-day workshop, participants will acquire the skills to synchronize their marketing endeavors across diverse channels. The objective is to design unified campaigns that project a consistent brand narrative, irrespective of the medium—be it social media, print, or digital. Attendees will depart with the expertise to ensure that every marketing component operates harmoniously, amplifying both reach and return on investment.

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This three-day Integrated Marketing Strategies workshop is designed to provide participants with a deep understanding of how to coordinate and streamline marketing efforts across various channels. This course emphasizes the importance of creating cohesive marketing campaigns that maintain a uniform brand story, whether it’s expressed through social media, traditional print, or digital formats. Attendees will learn techniques for ensuring that every element of their marketing strategy is aligned, thereby maximizing reach and enhancing the return on investment. The training combines theoretical frameworks with practical applications, enabling participants to apply these strategies effectively in their respective organizations.

Key Points:
  • Grasp the fundamentals and importance of integrated marketing communication.
  • Develop skills to create and manage cohesive marketing campaigns across various channels.
  • Understand how to maintain brand consistency across different media platforms.
  • Learn to effectively measure and analyze the impact of integrated marketing strategies.

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We offer a comprehensive curriculum that covers all of the essential topics. Our experienced instructors will provide you with the support and guidance that you need to succeed.

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Course Content

Introduction to Integrated Marketing Strategies
  • Understanding integrated marketing communication (IMC)
  • The evolution of marketing strategies in the digital age
  • Overview of various marketing channels and their roles
Developing an Integrated Marketing Plan
  • Steps in creating an effective integrated marketing campaign
  • Setting objectives and identifying target audiences
  • Crafting a consistent brand message across platforms
Digital Marketing Integration
  • Leveraging digital channels for unified marketing efforts
  • SEO, content marketing, and their roles in IMC
  • Utilizing email marketing and digital advertising
Social Media Integration
  • Strategies for integrating social media into marketing campaigns
  • Building brand presence across various social platforms
  • Engaging and growing your audience through social media
Traditional Media and PR Integration
  •  Balancing digital and traditional marketing channels
  • Integrating PR strategies into your marketing mix
  • Using print, broadcast, and direct mail effectively
Analytics and Measurement
  • Tools and techniques for measuring campaign effectiveness
  • Understanding and interpreting marketing data
  • Making data-driven decisions for campaign optimization
Customer Experience and Engagement
  • Creating a seamless customer experience across channels
  • Techniques for customer engagement and retention
  • Role of customer service in integrated marketing
Challenges and Solutions in IMC
  • Identifying and overcoming common challenges in integration
  • Case studies: successes and failures in integrated marketing
  • Developing a responsive and flexible marketing approach
Emerging Trends and Technologies
  • Exploring new trends in marketing and their potential impact
  • Digital transformation and marketing automation
  • Future-proofing your marketing strategy
Workshop and Group Activities
  • Interactive workshops to develop an integrated marketing campaign
  • Group discussions on best practices and innovative approaches
  • Real-life examples and scenario-based learning


Creating a Cohesive Brand Identity
  • Strategies for developing and maintaining a strong brand identity
  • Aligning brand values with marketing efforts
  • Crafting a unique and consistent brand voice and imagery
Execution and Management of Campaigns
  • Effective project management skills for marketing campaigns
  • Coordinating across teams and departments
  • Continuous improvement and iteration of marketing strategies
Course Instructor

Anas Almarie

Anas Almarie

Anas Almarie is a digital marketing expert who helps businesses achieve their SMART digital goals and evolve in a competitive environment. He equips teams with knowledge, identifies gaps, and delivers tangible results.

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19 August 2024

Dusit D2 Kenz Hotel

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