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Microsoft Office Excel (Advanced Level)

21 August 2024

Dusit D2 Kenz Hotel

2 days

The Microsoft Office Excel (Advanced Level) course is a 2-day program designed for individuals who are looking to enhance their skills in using Microsoft Office Excel. Participants will learn about the advanced features of Excel, including data analysis and visualization, macro programming, and financial modeling. Topics covered will include pivot tables, charts, advanced functions, and conditional formatting. The course is ideal for professionals, business owners, and students who want to take their Excel skills to the next level.

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This 2-day Microsoft Office Excel (Advanced Level) course is meticulously structured to cater to individuals aiming to significantly advance their Microsoft Office Excel skills. The course imparts a deep understanding of Excel’s most sophisticated features, including comprehensive data analysis and visualization, macro programming, and intricate financial modeling. Attendees will delve into advanced topics such as intricate pivot table manipulation, dynamic chart creation, complex functions, and elaborate conditional formatting. This program is especially suited for professionals, business owners, and students seeking to master Excel at an advanced level, thus enhancing their analytical capabilities and efficiency in diverse professional scenarios.

Key Points:
  • Mastering advanced data analysis techniques for complex problem-solving.
  • Developing and utilizing macros for automation and efficiency.
  • Crafting detailed financial models for insightful business analysis.
  • Creating dynamic, advanced charts for impactful data presentation.

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We offer a comprehensive curriculum that covers all of the essential topics. Our experienced instructors will provide you with the support and guidance that you need to succeed.

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Course Content

Advanced Data Analysis and Visualization
  • Techniques for complex data analysis
  • Advanced charting and graphing techniques
  • Utilizing Power Query for data transformation
Macros and VBA Programming
  • Introduction to macros and VBA programming
  • Automating tasks with macro recorder
  • Writing basic VBA code for custom functions
Financial Modeling Concepts
  • Principles of financial modeling in Excel
  • Building financial models for business analysis
  • Scenario planning and sensitivity analysis
Pivot Tables and Data Manipulation
  • Advanced pivot table techniques
  • Using slicers and timelines for interactive reports
  • Managing and summarizing large data sets with pivot tables
Advanced Charting Techniques
  • Designing complex charts (e.g., Waterfall, Gantt)
  • Interactive dashboard creation
  • Best practices in data visualization
Complex Functions and Formulas
  • Utilizing array formulas and functions
  • Advanced logical and statistical functions
  • Complex formula auditing and error checking
Conditional Formatting and Data Validation
  • Advanced conditional formatting to visualize data patterns
  • Data validation techniques for data integrity
  • Customizing conditional formatting with formulas


Integrating Excel with Other Tools
  • Linking Excel with external databases (e.g., SQL)
  • Data import and export best practices
  • Integrating Excel with other Microsoft Office applications
Course Instructor

Gerard Cannon

Gerard Cannon

Gerard is a skilled trainer with 25 years of experience and a passion for education and technology. He utilizes his knowledge of Microsoft Visual for Applications to craft tailored applications for schools and corporations, and his expertise as a Microsoft Excel expert to empower individuals and organizations in mastering this essential tool. Gerard's training sessions are designed to transform complex Excel functionalities into accessible skills, fostering productivity and efficiency.

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21 August 2024

Dusit D2 Kenz Hotel

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