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4 hiring tips your business should be using

16 December 2013

Whether you’re a start-up in a serviced office in Dubai Marina, or an established business in Al Barsha, hiring great employees demands a well thought out hiring process. Not only do you need the best person for the job, you need to ensure your company is an attractive option for the interviewees that you’re inviting into your offices.

Although most businesses have a hiring process, not all are up-to-date or address cultural changes. So here are four important additions to your hiring strategy.

Embrace Social Media

Social media can be a brilliant place to find new employees, especially Twitter and LinkedIn. Twitter is a great hunting ground for positions that require people who are media savvy. The most well known professional site is LinkedIn (where you can find anyone from a logistics manager to a florist. It’s also worth looking at the more region-specific sites that are gaining popularity, such as Salamworld.

However, do your research as there are now many professional-specific sites cropping up. They can help you narrow down your search even more. As an example, teachers all over the world use the Times Educational Supplement site TSL Education to exchange information and look for work.

Don’t be afraid of the head-hunters

Specialist recruitment firms can make a real difference to the hiring process. Within every industry there are stars and there are also-rans. Head-hunting firms who specialise in specific areas will know who is making a good name for themselves, who is rising, and whose reputation is tarnished by poor judgements and missed targets.

Recruitment agencies will charge you for finding a new employee, but if they are good at what they do, it’s money well spent.

How attractive is your business?

It’s easy to forget that while you are judging a potential employee, they are also judging you. So when hiring, you have to be able to step outside your own business and view it from their position. Would you find your business attractive enough to want to move from your current job?

While some people are motivated purely by the pay packet, others need more. Elements you take for granted may be really attractive to a new employee. Do you offer regional or international travel? Some candidates will value this highly, while others may have personal reasons for needing to stay near home. Do you have corporate membership to a sporting venue? Is your company a lifestyle company? If the candidate is really into diving and your company sells diving equipment – that alone could prove a winner.

How long do you want to keep this person?

Almost all businesses fall for the highly experienced, skilled and personable candidate – the one who ticks all the boxes, and then some. But, you have to ask yourself, how long do you want to keep this employee? True high flyers will always be on the look out for the next big job. Do you want that? Are you looking for someone you can advance in your own company? Are you happy to use their experience while they are with you? Or do you want someone longer term? By understanding what you want before you begin the hiring process you’ll be more successful in finding the right person to fit into your business.

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