Digital Marketing and promoting your business – Top 5 Tips from Wayne Denner

15 February 2016

You have researched, invested time, energy and money into creating content for your audience but you’ve noticed a big issue.  This content which you have created – is failing to make an impact and engage your audience.   It’s just not happening.  What could possibly have gone wrong?.

Well before we delve into looking at where it might have gone wrong, let’s take a look at what content marketing actually is – then try to get on track.

According to The Content Marketing Institute ‘Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.’

The key message for content here is ‘valuable, relevant and consistent’  – without these 3 key ingredients in your mix, – your content is going to struggle to get the attention and engagement it needs.

Times Square
Don’t be drowned out by the noise!

We live in a world bombarded with advertising messages.  Dubai and the UAE is no different to the rest of the world.  Just pause for a moment and think of all the different marketing messages you have received today.   How many of them were valuable, relevant and consistent? And more importantly did you purchase as a result?.

Just as with offline marketing i.e. TV, Radio and Print we are competing for eyes and ears.   Digital is no different.  On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even Snapchat we need to first ensure our content is valuable, relevant and consistent.

But stop a minute and ask yourself a question.  Are you and the other businesses in your sector knocking out the same stuff?  Is there any real difference, from your customers point of view in terms of the marketing messages?

What tends to happen is a trend of pretty similar content.  Our competitor is doing it, therefore it must work?   It wont. You need to take it beyond this and create content which is compelling and different.  Go all out and inject stories into your content that will take it up a whole new level.  Fascinate, pique your audiences curiosity,  mix things up.  Then you can really start to maximise your organic reach and perform better than before.   By taking on board the tips below to promote your digital content you should start to see a shift for the better.

Now when it comes to promoting content most people automatically think ‘fire it up on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and that should do the trick’.   Unfortunately not.  While these platforms do help you cannot just rely on them to do all the work – at least not without paying for exposure.   Even with that, if your content is poor and does not include the mix above you’ll burn through your budget – with little to show from the effort.

# 1 Video will be massive in 2016

 Yes massive.    In fact, according to Cisco, video is predicted to account for 80% of global Internet traffic by 2019. Video streaming apps such as Periscope and Meerkat allow you to stream content directly to your followers on Twitter and beyond – all you need is the app downloaded to your Smartphone device and you are good to go.  Facebook Live is also coming soon.   This will allow you to stream live video to your Facebook page.  Live video streaming allows you to add another dimension to your content, you can find many examples of how your business can utilise video streaming, eg behind the scenes footage, product reviews and Q&A’s, all streamed in real time.

# 2 Trending Topics

 Pay attention to trending topics around your business or brands sector  – this is a great way to push your content out on the back of topics which are trending (be careful not to spam).   If there’s a link (however tenuous) between your offerings and something which is trending, make sure you jump on it.   This is a smart way to get your content in front of large audiences of users following these topics.

# 3 Twitter Chats

 There are now countless dedicated Twitter chats, many of which take place on a regular basis.  Find out which Twitter chat hashtags are relevant to your business and set these up on Tweetdeck or Hootsuite to monitor.  If you come across a chat, which is especially relevant to your business or brands, why not get involved and actively contribute?  This is one proven way to be authentic and build trust.   Remember though to keep the sales tweets to a minimum – and focus on adding value.

# 4 Guest Blogging

 Guest Blogging can provide an excellent way for you to indirectly promote your content.  One of the massive benefits of guest blogging is that it can give you business-targeted exposure, if you are able to seek out the established blogs in your niche.   They do exist – you just need to find them.  The other plus with this approach is that it increases your credibility and therefore potential traffic to your website.   In turn, this equals more eyeballs viewing the content which you’ve created.  Whilst it’s hard work and can be very labour intensive you’ll reap the rewards.

 # 5 Build Trust and Credibility

 Business and Brands need to earn attention.  You can’t just keep buying it.

So, if you want to stand out from the crowd remember your content needs to be valuable, relevant and consistent.  With a big sprinkle of compelling and different to succeed.

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