Social Media Doesn’t Work!

24 June 2018

We have clients who come to our courses every month saying that “Social Media doesn’t work for our company” but if we look a little closer it seems to be working very well for their competition, so they have to ask themselves – why is this?


The problem isn’t that Social Media doesn’t work, we all know it does, it’s what they post on their pages. When considering what content to post you need to ask yourself, is it relevant? Is it engaging? Will people read what you post, or are you just wasting your time on it?


Like many of our clients, they use social media as a platform to JUST SELL a product. This is the last thing that you should be doing. If you constantly see “BUY THIS PRODUCT” on every social platform are you really going to buy the product? Probably not! By promoting your product everywhere, not only are your engagement levels going down, but you aren’t making any business. Having content which is focused primarily on the promotion of products is known as interruption media and will cause the consumer to dislike/unfollow\unsubscribe!


You have to see your online media as a shopping store. Imagine if you walked in to a shop and someone ran over waving a product in your face saying “you should buy this!!” would you buy it? Or, would you leave that store and tell people how bad the customer service was? Having excellent customer service is about building a rapport, by taking the time to know the customer and learning about their needs and providing relevant information, they are more likely to buy from you.


Education is key! Most of the videos being shared on Facebook are Educational videos on “how to” how to get more followers, how to remove a stain, how to become your own boss. All of these things get shared and the more its shared, the wider your audience becomes.


Let’s take LinkedIn for example the average user has 400+ followers if only 2 people share your video you are reaching 800 new people that you have never reached. As your educational video is shared to more people, more people will follow you and connect with you and when they need your service who will be the first person that comes to mind? You! Their educator!


A great example of this was a local flower company posting weekly videos on how to make a bouquet of flowers like he does. You may be thinking “but won’t people just do it themselves?” yes, they might! But most won’t and each video is getting 3,000+ views each time he posts, that’s 3000 more people seeing him who have never been in his shop. Now when people need flowers for any reason they contact him directly via his Facebook and buy his flowers online. His sales are up 350% since he started posting the videos. Read that again 350%!! This is a huge amount of sales all from just posting how to arrange flowers.


If you want to grow your business, then you need to provide value to your customers. You need to give them something to share, you need to be the person they go to when they need the service you provide. If you keep all the information to yourself and don’t share it why would they purchase your service?

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