Advanced Selling Skills

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Start: Sun 06 December 2020

End: Mon 07 December 2020


Time Oak Hotel
Abdulla Omran Tayram St
Al Thanyah 1
Tecom - Dubai
United Arab Emirates

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Advanced Selling Skills Sun 06 December 2020 - Mon 07 December 2020

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Advanced Selling Skills

Selling is the process of helping someone see the value in a product or service they might otherwise not have seen. Although there is no best way to sell there are certain steps which if executed in a methodical process will attract the right prospects, qualify, convert and retain them as customers and dramatically increase your potential for success.

This hands-on, exercise driven program teaches skills that boost sales and profitability through an increased understanding and implementation of the need-satisfaction sales process. Participants learn how to concentrate their focus on each client’s particular situation, needs, vision, the internal staff who makes all of this and other opportunities possible to increase business. The key is in determining how the product or service will provide meaningful value to a client even in a competitive or saturated market.

The ISM Course Director will take each participant through the step-by-step sales process critical to the pre-approach, approach and after sales service. This will be done through a highly charged, enjoyable 2 day course involving lectures, classroom exercises, role-plays, discussions and extensive accompanying course-notes (delegates are also expected to take their own personal extensive notes).

Key Learning Points:

  • Understand the reasons behind buying and selling.
  • Explore the differences between the sales and marketing functions and the sales person’s role.
  • Learn the qualities of a successful sales person.
  • Learn how to prepare and plan for a client meeting.
  • Why people dislike being sold to and how to avoid the wrong approach.
  • Learn a comprehensive step by step sales process from prospecting to closing.
  • How to use the phone more effectively to gain appointments. (Mind Mapping)
  • What is it customers want. How do we empathise with them. (Body Language)
  • Effective questioning skills/Effective Listening skills.
  • Presentations Skills.
  • How to deal with objections to buying.
  • Cover the methods of gaining orders and customer commitment to purchase.
  • What are features and benefits and their significance in the selling process.
  • Cover the methods used to discover new business, work out and discuss the level of creative activity required to provide enough prospects to convert new business.
  • Gain the delegates’ agreement and understanding for the need to qualify their prospects in selling.
  • After sales service and its importance in the buying cycle.

Course Content


  • Be more confident in how you approach the sales process.
  • Learn how to close more sales in less time.
  • Learn how to increase the profitability of each sale (not necessarily quantity).
  • Learn how to present your products in a professional manner.
  • Use your time more effectively.

Training Method

By all means, bring your pencil case, and yes, there will be handouts, but there will be a lot more discourse, debate, improvisation, role play, technology, practice and group dynamics. The training will be conducted in a friendly, fun atmosphere, which not only allows for different learning styles, but respects each delegate as an individual and ensures each one is challenged and derives maximum benefit from the course. Our aim is that you will be highly stimulated and encouraged to rethink.

Meet the Course Instructor

ISM Training - Course Instructor
Mark has been in the Sales Industry for 15+ years, originally from London England but living in the UAE for the past 12 years, he has been able to mix the British way of selling with the melting pot of cultures that fill the Middle East. He understands that business is built on trust and having that long-lasting relationship with clients. Where some others might look for quick business, to Mark that is a short vision to have, he looks at the long term and that is built on the value he tries to deliver daily

The experience Mark has gained over the years living the life of an active salesperson, he has been through the process and knows what it takes to succeed. This is so important when it comes to training because he takes his real-life experiences and relates that to challenges people are facing to create a solution.

Mark has worked with many different sales industries and sectors, both being a salesperson and leading teams. Whether your business is B2B, B2C, product, or service, Mark can help with sales skills, implementing a sales structure and process, whilst building confidence through motivation.

Mark's passion is to help salespeople to develop their skills so they can provide for themselves and their families.

Mark's mission is that he wants to restore the sales industry to the profession it once was, it has lost that gloss and shine over the years, he believes he can make that difference.


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Advanced Selling Skills

Sun 06 December 2020 - Mon 07 December 2020

Location: Time Oak Hotel

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