ISM Instructor - Mark Sclaire

Mark Sclaire

Mark, a 15+ year sales veteran, bridges British and Middle Eastern selling techniques to empower sales teams. His training covers skills, structure, and motivation, with a mission to rejuvenate the industry and ignite brilliance in salesmanship.

About Mark

With an extensive 15+ years in the Sales Industry, Mark has forged a path of expertise that spans continents and cultures. Hailing originally from London, England, and now a resident of the UAE for over a decade, he harmoniously blends the art of British selling with the diverse tapestry of the Middle East.

Mark comprehends the bedrock of business – trust and enduring client relationships. While others may chase fleeting transactions, Mark’s vision spans far beyond. His gaze rests on the horizon of lasting value, woven into each interaction, each deal, each connection he nurtures.

His journey as a seasoned salesperson equips Mark with the firsthand understanding of the profession’s intricacies. Drawing from the crucible of real-life experiences, he crafts training solutions that bridge the gap between challenges and effective solutions, inspiring sales teams to flourish.

Mark’s experience spans an array of sales industries and sectors, both as a salesperson and a team leader. B2B or B2C, products or services – his expertise transcends boundaries. His training offerings encompass honing sales skills, erecting robust sales structures, and fostering confidence through motivation.

Mark’s fervor lies in transforming salespeople into the architects of their own prosperity, a trait that reverberates through generations. His mission radiates with the ambition to rejuvenate the sales industry, rekindling the glory it once held. Amidst the industry’s evolving landscape, Mark stands as a harbinger of the profession’s resurgence, imparting timeless wisdom that ignites brilliance in salesmanship.

Mark's key skills

  • Sales Expertise (15+ years)
  • Cross-Cultural Sales Mastery (UK and UAE)
  • Building Trust and Enduring Client Relationships
  • Focus on Lasting Value Over Transactional Gains
  • Training Solution Development
  • Firsthand Understanding of Sales Intricacies
  • Versatility Across B2B and B2C, Products, and Services
  • Leadership in Sales Teams
  • Skill Development in Sales Teams
  • Structural Enhancement of Sales Processes
  • Motivational Coaching for Sales Confidence
  • Transformative Sales Training
  • Architect of Prosperity for Salespeople
  • Industry Resurgence and Wisdom Impartation

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