ISM Instructor - Aaron Ainsworth

Aaron Ainsworth

Aaron Ashworth is a dedicated educator and facilitator with expertise in training and development. He has delivered customized programs to over 1,000 professionals and educators, leveraging his deep cultural understanding and commitment to cutting-edge insights.

About Aaron

Aaron Ashworth is an accomplished educator and facilitator. He brings a wealth of expertise to the table. With a strong focus on training and development, Aaron has made significant contributions across various regions.

Over the past six years, Aaron has delivered customized, hands-on interactive training programs to over 1,000 professionals and educators across the MENA, East Asia, and Asia regions. His training expertise extends to facilitating programs for UAE and KSA’s Nationals Programs, as well as creating tailored content for the Ministries of Education of KSA and Egypt.

Aaron’s dedication to nurturing learning is evident in his commitment to up-skilling professionals and encouraging the acquisition of new abilities. He pays meticulous attention to detail, ensuring the accuracy of information, while demonstrating a deep understanding of both regional and international cultural nuances. Aaron stays abreast of the latest research within his areas of expertise, allowing him to incorporate cutting-edge insights into his training initiatives.

Aaron’s influence reaches beyond training, as he has spoken on Egyptian national television about integrating technology into education. He has also provided training to teachers and administrators for the Egyptian Ministry of Education, focusing on enhancing education through technology, multiple intelligences, emotional intelligence (EQ), and STEAM.

With his profound passion for education and extensive experience in content development, Aaron excels in creating impactful training programs tailored to the unique needs of professionals and educators. His expertise, combined with his cultural sensitivity and meticulous approach, ensures the delivery of exceptional training experiences.

Aaron's key skills

  • Accomplished Educator and Facilitator
  • Expertise in Training and Development
  • Customized Hands-On Interactive Training Programs
  • Delivery of Training to Over 1,000 Professionals and Educators
  • Specialized Programs for MENA, East Asia, and Asia Regions
  • Nationals Programs for UAE and KSA
  • Content Creation for Ministries of Education (KSA and Egypt)
  • Commitment to Upskilling Professionals
  • Cultural Sensitivity and Regional Understanding
  • Integration of Latest Research in Training Initiatives
  • National Television Appearance on Technology in Education
  • Training on Technology, Multiple Intelligences, Emotional Intelligence, and STEAM
  • Passion for Education and Extensive Content Development Experience
  • Creation of Impactful Training Programs
  • Cultural Sensitivity and Meticulous Approach

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