ISM Instructor - Colette O’Halloran

Colette O’Halloran

Colette is an experienced trainer, facilitator, and coach with over 15 years of experience in the Middle East. She is known for her strong communication and presentation skills, her ability to build relationships quickly, and her focus on achieving results. Colette’s clients consistently report that her training is effective and that they meet or exceed their learning objectives. She is also an ICF-qualified coach who specializes in life coaching, professional coaching, and career coaching.

About Colette

Colette is an experienced and qualified trainer, facilitator, and coach known for her strong communication and presentation skills. With a focus on achieving results, she quickly builds relationships and maintains a reputation for reliability, even in challenging conditions. Colette’s thorough understanding of her clients and their needs is reflected in her comprehensive preparation, ensuring alignment with the client organization’s culture.

Feedback consistently reveals that Colette not only meets learning objectives but often exceeds them. Clients confirm the effectiveness of her training through enhanced workplace performance. With over 15 years of experience in the Middle East, Colette has worked extensively across the Gulf region, catering to organizations from diverse sectors. This exposure has nurtured her cultural sensitivity and a versatile approach to learning and development.

As an ICF qualified coach, Colette specializes in life coaching, professional coaching, and career coaching, particularly for senior corporate levels. She conducts structured coaching sessions using creative interventions, working with a high degree of integrity and respect for the client’s agenda.

With Colette as your trainer, facilitator, or coach, you can expect a professional, results-driven approach, tailored to your needs. Her expertise and commitment to your growth make her a valuable partner in achieving your development goals.

Colette's key skills

  • Experienced and Qualified Trainer, Facilitator, and Coach
  • Strong Communication and Presentation Skills
  • Results-Oriented with a Focus on Relationship Building
  • Reputation for Reliability in Challenging Conditions
  • Thorough Understanding of Clients and Their Needs
  • Comprehensive Preparation Aligned with Organizational Culture
  • Consistently Exceeds Learning Objectives
  • Enhanced Workplace Performance through Effective Training
  • 15+ Years of Experience in the Middle East
  • Cultural Sensitivity and Versatile Approach to Learning and Development
  • ICF Qualified Coach with Specialization in Life, Professional, and Career Coaching
  • Structured Coaching Sessions Using Creative Interventions
  • High Degree of Integrity and Respect for Client’s Agenda
  • Professional, Results-Driven Approach Tailored to Client Needs
  • Expertise and Commitment to Client Growth
  • Valuable Partner in Achieving Development Goals

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