ISM Instructor - Dr Nader Al Adawi

Dr Nader Al Adawi

Nader is a highly experienced trainer with a passion for people development. He believes that training is essential for success, and his philosophy is to help people discover their true potential. Nader is skilled in designing and delivering engaging training programs that cater to different learning styles. He encourages participation and interaction, creating a supportive and motivating learning environment.

About Dr

Nader has extensive ‘hands on’ experience in people management, developing effective teams, people motivation in addition to customer service. His role as a Sales Manager and Team Leader was based on a belief that human capital is the cornerstone for success in any business, and that performance improvement is causally linked to effective training and development.

Nader has a progressive view about Training, Learning and Development, and is highly competent in planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating different

training strategies. He designed a comprehensive range of soft skills training programs, and has sound knowledge of different learning styles, ensuring a varied, creative, and motivating learning environment. Nader encourages his delegates to contribute and interact throughout his training sessions and his style is aimed at engaging and encouraging delegates so that they are fully participative in the training room.

Nader’s philosophy is that ‘training is like mining’. It is about digging deep into people and helping them discover the gems hidden within. By doing this they can realize their true potential.

Dr's key skills

  • Extensive ‘Hands On’ Experience in People Management
  • Effective Team Development and Motivation
  • Customer Service Expertise
  • Sales Manager and Team Leader with a Focus on Human Capital
  • Belief in Human Capital as the Cornerstone for Business Success
  • Causal Link Between Performance Improvement and Training/Development
  • Progressive View on Training, Learning, and Development
  • Competent in Planning, Developing, Implementing, and Evaluating Training Strategies
  • Designing Comprehensive Soft Skills Training Programs
  • Sound Knowledge of Different Learning Styles
  • Creates Varied, Creative, and Motivating Learning Environments
  • Encourages Delegate Participation and Interaction
  • Engaging and Encouraging Training Style
  • Philosophy: ‘Training is Like Mining,’ Uncovering Hidden Potential

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