ISM Instructor - Lee Duncan Tucker

Lee Duncan Tucker

Lee is a highly experienced professional in learning and development, organizational change, and management support. He is known for his high-energy training sessions and his ability to help organizations achieve lasting change. Lee has also played a key role in implementing transformative initiatives at ISE.

About Lee

With over 25 years’ experience in the corporate realm, Lee emerges as a seasoned professional whose expertise converges on learning and development, as well as organizational change. His journey has been marked by senior training roles at prestigious firms like Computer Sciences Corporation, DXC Technology, and BAE Systems Saudi Arabia.

At the core of Lee’s philosophy lies the conviction that latent potential resides within every organization, yearning for release. Drawing on his vast insights and experiences, he empowers entities to adeptly navigate the intricate contours of today’s dynamic business landscape.

Lee’s name has become synonymous with high-energy, high-impact training sessions that ignite lasting and transformative change. His adeptness at creating an environment conducive to learning and growth sets him apart.

Based in Dubai, Lee shines as an adept Management and Leadership trainer. His dynamic training method empowers professionals to excel in leadership roles while fostering robust team-building skills. Beyond training, Lee assumes the role of a valuable Management Support to C-Suite executives. He deftly steers them through the complex maze of organizational challenges, guiding them towards the realm of success.

Noteworthy is Lee’s impactful tenure in Riyadh from 2021 to 2022, during which he chaired the Management Support Committee for International Systems Engineering (ISE). His expert guidance to C-Suite Leadership played a pivotal role in effecting substantial organizational change. This period witnessed the inception of several pivotal initiatives, including the establishment of a groundbreaking corporate reward and recognition system, along with transformative toolset and ERP implementations.

Lee's key skills

  • 25+ Years of Corporate Experience
  • Seasoned Professional in Learning and Development
  • Expertise in Organizational Change
  • Senior Training Roles at Computer Sciences Corporation, DXC Technology, and BAE Systems Saudi Arabia
  • Belief in Unleashing Latent Potential within Organizations
  • Empowers Entities to Navigate Dynamic Business Landscape
  • High-Energy, High-Impact Training Sessions
  • Creates Conducive Learning and Growth Environments
  • Management and Leadership Trainer based in Dubai
  • Empowers Professionals in Leadership Roles and Team Building
  • Valuable Management Support to C-Suite Executives
  • Deftly Guides Through Organizational Challenges
  • Impactful Tenure in Riyadh, Chairing the Management Support Committee for International Systems Engineering (ISE)
  • Expert Guidance in Effecting Substantial Organizational Change
  • Initiatives: Corporate Reward and Recognition System, Transformative Toolset, ERP Implementations

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