ISM Instructor - Omaima Khanfar

Omaima Khanfar

Omaima Khanfar is a certified trainer and vocational educator with a passion for growth and empowerment. She creates pragmatic and relatable learning experiences that resonate with diverse audiences. Her dedication to nurturing self-development has made her a trusted and sought-after professional.

About Omaima

Omaima Khanfar is a true advocate for growth and empowerment through comprehensive training and education. With a profound commitment to facilitating both individual and organizational potential, Omaima draws inspiration from her rich academic and professional background in business, accounting, and management information systems.

Boasting an impressive educational portfolio including an MBA, MSA, and B.Sc (Hons) in Business Administration from the American University of Sharjah, UAE, Omayma has been recognized as a Certified Trainer (TOT) accredited by KHDA and Columbia University since 2019. Her dedication extends to her role in assessing National Qualifications, showcasing her steadfast commitment to maintaining elevated educational benchmarks.

Omaima’s training philosophy revolves around fostering a growth mindset, building a cohesive community, and championing values such as integrity, dignity, and empathy. By prioritizing these foundational principles, she engineers thriving, collaborative workplaces where individuals can unleash their personal and professional prowess.

An animated facilitator and insightful educator, Omaima seamlessly amalgamates theoretical expertise with real-world acumen to craft pragmatic and relatable learning experiences. Her approach resonates with diverse audiences, and her exceptional dedication to nurturing self-development has propelled her into a trusted and sought-after role as both a trainer and vocational educator.

Omaima's key skills

  • Growth and Empowerment Advocate
  • Commitment to Comprehensive Training and Education
  • Expertise in Business, Accounting, and Management Information Systems
  • MBA, MSA, and B.Sc (Hons) in Business Administration
  • Certified Trainer (TOT) accredited by KHDA and Columbia University
  • Educational Portfolio from the American University of Sharjah
  • National Qualifications Assessor
  • Commitment to Elevated Educational Benchmarks
  • Growth Mindset Philosophy
  • Building Cohesive Communities
  • Championing Values: Integrity, Dignity, and Empathy
  • Engineering Thriving, Collaborative Workplaces
  • Animated Facilitator and Insightful Educator
  • Seamless Integration of Theoretical Expertise with Real-world Acumen
  • Dedication to Nurturing Self-Development
  • Trusted and Sought-After Role as a Trainer and Vocational Educator

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