ISM Instructor - Rami Aqel

Rami Aqel

Rami is an L&D consultant with over 15 years of helping individuals and organizations achieve their goals through tailored training programs, development initiatives, and strategic alignment. He has also touched the lives of hundreds of people around the world through his public speaking, coaching, workshops, seminars, and social media platform. Rami is a transformative catalyst and a sought-after visionary in the world of L&D.

About Rami

With an impressive track record spanning over 15 years as a Learning and Development / Training Consultant, Rami stands as a pillar of transformation in professional growth.

Rami’s mission orbits around three essential pillars pivotal to organizational triumph. Firstly, he empowers individuals to achieve their personal and job objectives through meticulously designed training programs. These programs intricately equip participants with the knowledge and skills vital for their current roles, ensuring their immediate success.

Secondly, Rami is a cultivator of evolution. His development initiatives are geared towards nurturing participants’ growth, preparing them for the impending strides in their careers. This proactive approach positions them ahead of the curve.

Notably, Rami seamlessly aligns his programs with the overarching human capital and organizational strategies. This strategic harmony sets the stage for an organization-wide transformation that fosters collective excellence.

But Rami’s impact extends beyond the corporate sphere. He has touched the lives of hundreds across more than 20 countries, unearthing their authentic identities and guiding them towards their true-life purposes. Through compelling public speeches, personalized coaching, immersive workshops, enlightening seminars, and an expansive collection of over 100 videos discussing personal development on his vibrant social media platform, Rami has solidified his role as a beacon of positive change.

Rami is more than a trainer; he’s a transformation catalyst, your steadfast partner on the journey to excellence, growth, and purposeful success. His commitment to elevating individuals and organizations alike is unrivaled, making him a sought-after visionary in the world of Learning and Development.

Rami's key skills

  • Learning and Development
  • Training Consultation
  • Designing Meticulous Training Programs
  • Career Advancement Initiatives
  • Strategic Alignment with Organizational Goals
  • Global Impact and Cultural Sensitivity
  • Effective Public Speaking
  • Personalized Coaching
  • Immersive Workshop Facilitation
  • Content Creation: Seminars and Videos
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Commitment to Individual and Organizational Excellence

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