ISM Instructor - Sharara Al Ali

Sharara Al Ali

Sharara is a passionate L&D specialist with a wealth of expertise in people management, organizational change, and holistic development. She is a dedicated professional who can help your organization achieve greater success.

About Sharara

Introducing Sharara, an exceptional professional with a passion for people management and developing employees to drive organizational success. With a post-graduate diploma in Human Resources Management, a Bachelor of Economics, and an impressive list of certifications in various areas of expertise, Sharara is a powerhouse in the field of learning and development.

Sharara’s mission is to build a learning organization culture, focusing on the correlation between increasing employee satisfaction through career development and strengthening commercial effectiveness. By translating organizational strategies and visions into a comprehensive language for every individual, Sharara drives teams to work together towards success on both individual and organizational levels.

Equipped with certifications as a Certified L&D Specialist, HR OD Practitioner, DEIB Specialist, and more, Sharara brings a diverse skill set to the table. Additionally, her qualifications as a Certified Training Manager, Strategic HR Leader, and Psychometrics Test Professional showcase her expertise in delivering effective training programs and driving impactful organizational change.

Beyond her professional achievements, Sharara is also a Certified Life Coach, Relationship Coach, and Master NLP Coach. Her commitment to holistic development extends to her Diploma in Child & Adolescent Counselling and certification as an Emotional Intelligence Practitioner.

With Sharara as part of your team, you can expect a dedicated professional who understands the importance of people management and the positive impact it has on organizational success. Her expertise in learning and development, combined with her extensive qualifications, make her an invaluable asset in driving your organization towards greater achievements.

Sharara's key skills

  • People Management and Employee Development Expert
  • Post-graduate Diploma in Human Resources Management
  • Bachelor of Economics
  • Certifications in Various Areas of Expertise
  • Building a Learning Organization Culture
  • Linking Employee Satisfaction and Career Development to Commercial Effectiveness
  • Translating Organizational Strategies into Comprehensive Language
  • Certified L&D Specialist, HR OD Practitioner, DEIB Specialist, and more
  • Certified Training Manager and Strategic HR Leader
  • Psychometrics Test Professional
  • Certified Life Coach, Relationship Coach, and Master NLP Coach
  • Diploma in Child & Adolescent Counselling
  • Emotional Intelligence Practitioner
  • Dedicated Professional in People Management
  • Expertise in Learning and Development
  • Invaluable Asset for Organizational Success

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