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Finance for Non-Financial Managers

15 July 2024

Dusit D2 Kenz Hotel

3 days

This 3-day program is designed for non-financial professionals who want to gain a deeper understanding of finance and its impact on business. The course will cover key financial concepts such as budgeting, accounting, and financial analysis, as well as how to use financial information to make informed decisions. Participants will learn about the role of finance in the business, how to read and interpret financial statements, and how to use financial data to measure business performance. The course is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their financial literacy and gain the skills needed to make informed decisions in a business setting.

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The Finance for Non-Financial Managers course is a comprehensive 3-day program specifically designed for individuals without a financial background. This course aims to demystify key financial concepts, terms, and practices, making them accessible and understandable to non-finance professionals. Participants will delve into important financial topics such as Letters of Credit, Letters of Guarantee, Contracts, Incoterms, and Payment Terms. The program also covers a thorough analysis of financial statements, the basics of accrual-based accounting, effective overhead management, and investment appraisal techniques. Through hands-on exercises and real-world examples, attendees will learn to apply financial knowledge to commercial transactions, enhancing their decision-making skills and ability to optimize business outcomes. This course is ideal for professionals seeking to gain a solid foundation in financial principles and their application in commercial contracts and international trade.

Key Points:
  • Understand essential financial concepts and terminologies relevant to non-finance professionals.
  • Gain insights into analyzing and interpreting financial statements.
  • Learn to effectively manage overheads and understand accrual-based accounting.
  • Develop skills in appraising investments and understanding their financial implications.

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We offer a comprehensive curriculum that covers all of the essential topics. Our experienced instructors will provide you with the support and guidance that you need to succeed.

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Course Content

Introduction to Financial Concepts
  • Overview of essential financial terms and concepts
  • Understanding Letters of Credit and Letters of Guarantee
  • Basics of Contracts, Incoterms, and Payment Terms
Financial Statements Analysis
  • In-depth instruction on analyzing financial statements
  • Understanding balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements
  • Practical exercises in financial statement analysis
Accrual-Based Accounting
  • Fundamentals of accrual-based accounting
  • Recognizing revenues and expenses in financial reporting
  • Hands-on exercises in accrual accounting
Overhead Management
  • Strategies for effective overhead management
  • Cost categorization and control techniques
  • Case studies in overhead management
Investment Appraisal Techniques
  • Introduction to investment appraisal methods
  • Analyzing and interpreting investment proposals
  • Real-world applications of investment appraisal


Integrating Financial Principles with Commercial Contracts
  • Applying financial principles to commercial transactions
  • Risk assessment in contracts and trade agreements
  • Practical scenarios in commercial and financial integration
International Trade and Finance
  • Understanding the financial aspects of international trade
  • Managing risks and finances in cross-border transactions
  • Case studies on international trade finance
Decision Making Using Financial Knowledge
  • Applying financial knowledge to enhance decision-making
  • Financial analysis in business scenarios
  • Group exercises in financial decision-making
Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers
  • Role of non-finance managers in financial management
  • Bridging the gap between finance and other business functions
  • Developing a financial perspective for business decisions
Course Instructor

Omaima Khanfar

Omaima Khanfar

Omaima Khanfar is a certified trainer and vocational educator with a passion for growth and empowerment. She creates pragmatic and relatable learning experiences that resonate with diverse audiences. Her dedication to nurturing self-development has made her a trusted and sought-after professional.

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15 July 2024

Dusit D2 Kenz Hotel

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