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31 October 2024

Dusit D2 Kenz Hotel

1 day

This 1-day course is designed to provide individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively use Microsoft PowerPoint. The course covers topics such as creating and editing presentations, working with slides, graphics, and charts, and presenting and delivering presentations. Participants will learn how to use PowerPoint to create professional and engaging presentations and will have the opportunity to practice these skills through hands-on exercises and projects.

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This 1-day Microsoft Office – PowerPoint course is meticulously crafted to equip individuals with the essential skills and knowledge required for effective use of Microsoft PowerPoint. The course comprehensively covers a range of topics from the creation and editing of presentations to the adept handling of slides, graphics, and charts, and culminates in the art of presenting and delivering impactful presentations. Participants will be guided on how to employ PowerPoint to design presentations that are both professional and engaging, with a strong emphasis on practical application. Through hands-on exercises and projects, attendees will have the opportunity to practice and refine these skills, making them ready to deliver presentations with confidence and proficiency.

Key Points:
  • Mastering the fundamentals of creating and editing PowerPoint presentations.
  • Effective utilization of slides, graphics, and charts to enhance presentation quality.
  • Techniques for delivering captivating and effective presentations.

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We offer a comprehensive curriculum that covers all of the essential topics. Our experienced instructors will provide you with the support and guidance that you need to succeed.

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Course Content

Introduction to PowerPoint
  • Navigating the PowerPoint interface
  • Basic principles of presentation design
  • Creating and setting up a new presentation
Working with Slides
  • Techniques for creating and organizing slides
  • Customizing slide layouts and themes
  • Inserting and formatting text and bullet points
Incorporating Graphics and Visuals
  • Adding and editing images, shapes, and icons
  • Working with SmartArt for visual data representation
  • Applying animations and transitions for dynamic effects
Utilizing Charts and Tables
  • Inserting and customizing charts and tables
  • Integrating data from Excel into PowerPoint
  • Visual data representation best practices
Advanced Presentation Elements
  • Inserting audio, video, and other multimedia
  • Using hyperlinks and action buttons for interactive presentations
  • Exploring advanced animation techniques
Review and Editing
  • Effective techniques for reviewing and editing presentations
  • Utilizing PowerPoint’s review features
  • Tips for finalizing the presentation design
Delivering a Presentation
  • Best practices for presenting and engaging the audience
  • Using Presenter View and other presentation tools
  • Managing nervousness and handling Q&A sessions
Hands-On Practice and Project
  • Practical exercises and project work to apply learned skills
  • Creating a complete presentation as a capstone project
  • Peer review and feedback session


Course Instructor

Aaron Ainsworth

Aaron Ainsworth

Aaron Ashworth is a dedicated educator and facilitator with expertise in training and development. He has delivered customized programs to over 1,000 professionals and educators, leveraging his deep cultural understanding and commitment to cutting-edge insights.

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31 October 2024

Dusit D2 Kenz Hotel

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